Hi…. I am Alka, all my life I grew up on a staple diet of Indian Television Progams. Thanks to my husband for initiating me to world cinema and foreign shows and our shared passion of watching good television together, we discovered a love for foreign content much before it officially made it into Indian Online Markets. Thanks to a lot of family & friends coming over to India and lending us CDs of American shows & stuff, our love for good content only just grew more.

We would perhaps, have been one of the first subscribers of all three streaming services in India : The Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime.

We passionately binge watch these shows and eagerly wait for the next seasons & keep discussing and imagining the probable plots for the next episode / season.

This led me to believe that there would be many more like us out there sharing the same enthusiasm & passion for great shows & hence was born this blog of mine.

Happy Reading !!! Cheers !!!




“Spilling the Beans” ? Not Really… we do not like giving out spoilers and making viewing for others less enjoyable. On the contrary, reading about the shows on our website should get you tempted to start watching a show like right away ! So grab that spot on the bed, your favorite couch or your swing or whatever, just relax and enjoy the shows